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Shrove Tuesday – is February 16th. Usually this is a time of pancakes, sausage, merry-making, and palm burning. It still will be this year despite the pandemic, just in different ways. The tradition of pancakes and sausage relates to households using up the baking items going bad by this point in winter and cooking up the sweets and fats before the serious days of Lent. Although we will not enjoy our meal together this year, you are encouraged to keep this practice alive at home. We will still have a Talent Show and Burning the Palms service. However, they will be happening through Zoom. If you would like to participate in the Talent Show, then you can either perform from home live the night on Shrove Tuesday or prerecord yourself and/or group and submit the recording to Pastor ahead of time. Either way please let Pastor know if you will be providing joy to the community through an act in the Talent Show. Please also remember that talent is a word we use rather loosely and everyone is encouraged to get in on the fun of sharing. We could all use a little more joy right now and you could be the reason for someone else’s smile. Our own St. Peter’s Rocks will be dancing their way to ingloriousness once again, with some changes for the times. Talk to Pastor about joining that legendary group. Finally, after the lights come down on the show, we will stay on together through Zoom to participate in the brief liturgy for burning palms to turn into ashes for Ash Wednesday.